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6 Ways to Overcome Occupational Burnout

In a previous blog, we addressed some symptoms and possible causes for experiencing burnout at work. Today, we’ll take a look at six ways you can overcome occupational burnout to more fully enjoy each day of your life. If leaving your job is not an option, then this is sure to be a great read for you, as we will provide some tips and advice to alleviate the symptoms you may be dealing with.

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1. Take a Vacation

Before you roll your eyes and sigh in frustration that our first suggestion is to take a vacation, pause a moment to consider what the word actually means. While you may consider a vacation to be a time of uninterrupted fun on a remote island beach, that is simply one form that a vacation can take. Taking a vacation simply means setting aside a period of time to have a complete break or cut-off from anything work-related. Even if you don’t have the money to travel to some exotic beach, you can still create a healthy break from work by simply scheduling a week of vacation. Use this time to do things that are enjoyable and restorative, such as sleeping in, watching a favorite movie, walking in the park, or eating out.

2. Find a Release

One of the greatest dangers of burnout is that it leads to a radical increase in your stress levels. If you don’t find a way to release the stress, then you’re likely to have an emotional breakdown, public outbursts, or another event that could jeopardize your career and friendships.

Think about some of the things that you enjoy, such as martial arts, soccer, basketball, swimming, or bowling. Generally speaking, physical activities are one of the best ways to help your body let go of stress. You might just be surprised by how good you feel after a session of intense physical activity.

3. Take a Break From Alcohol and Caffeine

This tip may be harder to follow than others because for many people, caffeine and alcohol are two of the primary ways they deal with the stresses of life. If you use energy drinks or coffee to help get you through the day and rely heavily on alcohol to help you unwind and relax in the evening, you could actually be creating a situation where your body is dependent on these substances to function. Going cold turkey might work for some, but if that is not an ideal approach for you, try replacing one thing at a time. For example, when you feel that afternoon lull coming on, instead of grabbing an energy drink, get up and go for a walk to help wake up your mind and body. Once your blood is pumping, you’ll feel more alert and ready to tackle the rest of the workday.

4. Work in a New Location

You may have spent your entire career working in an office environment. If you’re struggling with burnout, however, a change of scenery could be extremely beneficial. In fact, with all of the changes since COVID-19, many businesses are still allowing employees to work remotely. Talk to your boss about the possibility of working remotely. Whether you choose to work at a local coffee shop, a museum, or a library, you may find that the new location offers a more peaceful environment.

5. Reach Out

When you’re dealing with symptoms of occupational burnout, it’s important not to lose sight of those around you who care about you. From friends and family to neighbors and coworkers, there are likely a number of individuals who would love to listen to you and help you deal with what you’re facing. Choose one or two people with whom you feel most closely connected, and share some of the struggles you’re having at work. Even if they don’t have all the answers, the human connection will help remind you that you’re not alone.

6. Prioritize Your Needs

Many people struggle with setting appropriate boundaries for themselves. Whether you just don’t like telling people no or you feel that you have to do everything your boss asks, you can quickly find yourself feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work on your plate. Stop contributing to your personal stress by setting healthy boundaries. While you may genuinely want to help those around you, it’s important to say no when you don’t have time for additional tasks or are asked to stay late to work on something that’s not part of your job description.

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We hope that you can implement some or all of our advice to alleviate any burnout or stress you may be feeling from your job. If you’ve decided that you need a more permanent change, then we would love to introduce you to the joys of life as a digital nomad. At Juan Paulo, we offer training and support to help you learn the skills you need to become an online entrepreneur. Contact us today to learn more!