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Creative Ways to Find New Revenue Streams

Finding peace of mind and job security in these uncertain times can feel incredibly difficult and cause a lot of stress. If you need to find other streams of revenue, engage in a side business, or otherwise boost your income stream, then we invite you to learn how to become a digital nomad. At Juan Paulo, we know that working in an office isn’t for everyone, which is why we created the courses that will teach you how to become a digital nomad, how to start your own online business, and what is involved with working remotely. Contact us today to learn more!


Teach Your Trade

You have gained a lot of knowledge and insight in your field during your time in your job. In fact, there are many things you might take for granted as bits of information that everyone in your field should know. The truth, however, is that not everyone may be as good as you, which means you have an opportunity to teach others how to become better. With that in mind, look for ways to share your knowledge and profit from teaching your trade.

Do Consulting

Consultancy is a great way to share tips and tricks with fellow entrepreneurs or others who would like to be as successful as you are. You can sell your tips through consulting services and even become a virtual assistant to offer business expertise to entrepreneurs who are interested in getting one-on-one coaching and support. Since you’ll be working virtually, you can work for more than one person at a time, which offers great income potential.

Organize an Event

Whether you realize this or not, you can make money by organizing events that bring people together. Depending on your niche, you might want to bring buyers and sellers together, coordinate a meeting of the minds, or simply create a space where individuals in similar fields can network. You’ll charge either setup or participation fees in exchange for your work to coordinate the event.

Sign Up for Speaking Engagements

Some people are naturally confident when it comes to speaking to groups. If you consider yourself well-spoken and an extrovert, this could be an ideal option. Pursue opportunities to speak at events where you can get paid to share your insights. From small business organizations to trade shows, you just might be surprised how many opportunities exist.

Become a Digital Nomad

With the multitude of problems posed by the pandemic, you may have seen more and more of your friends and family members move to remote work options. In fact, you yourself may have transitioned to a remote work situation. Working as a digital nomad means that you can work wherever and whenever suits your schedule. If you’ve already begun to discover some of the freedoms that come from working in your home, we’d like to invite you to think about the freedom that comes from working in almost any location on the planet. Sound intriguing? Contact Juan Paulo today to learn about the courses we offer to help you develop the necessary skills that will allow you to live life on your terms as a digital nomad.